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About us

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Kingston Hive is a collective of local volunteers who came together to take over a disused cycle hub in the town centre, transforming it into a community space to benefit people and planet. The climate and ecological emergency is the biggest challenge of our time. We believe empowering ourselves and each other is the way to challenge it.


We’re a diverse group, of different ages and backgrounds, who all recognise the need for strong and compassionate communities at this time. We’d love you to join us. If you’ve ever felt alone in your care for the planet, or wondered what you can do in this crisis, Kingston Hive is for you. You’ll meet a group of other humans who care as much as you do, and are working hard to make a difference. 


We offer a range of practical skills and emotional support to help us create a new future, including:

  • vegan food

  • repair workshops

  • listening circles

  • education sessions on subjects such as renewable energy

  • film nights

  • music and arts sessions

  • campaign workshops

  • swap shop for a circular economy


...and much more. Everything we do is underpinned by a commitment to the environment, helping our borough cut carbon emissions and preserve the natural areas we have. 

We’re at a really exciting stage, planning more and reaching out to the local community to involve as many people as possible. And you can help us shape Kingston Hive! We welcome people from every walk of Kingston life to join us in mapping out our future. It doesn't matter what skills or experience you do - or don’t - have. Enthusiasm, love for Kingston and passion for our beautiful planet are the most important qualities you can bring.

Why Hive? *

  • Because bees collaborate, and if one finds something useful, it shows the other bees the way;

  • Because they are always busy;

  • Because the honeycomb structure is a highly efficient use of materials;

  • Because we hope The Kingston Hive will be buzzing with activity.

  • Because it seems cosy and welcoming.


* Chosen after much discussion and two voting rounds!

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